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LEO's Codes, Must Read!
« on: July 25, 2013, 05:18:55 am »
Radio Codes

10-1:Receiving Poorly
10-2:Receiving Well
10-3:Stop Transmitting
10-4:Message Received
10-6:Busy, But Avaliable
10-7:Out Of Service, Not Avaliable
10-8:In Service / On Duty
10-9:Repeat Last Transmission
10-10: Off duty
10-15:Suspect In Custody
10-19 Station (At, or returning to.)
10-20: Location
10-26:Traffic Stop
10-26a:High Risk Traffic Stop
10-27:licance Status Check
10-29:Check Crimes
10-39:Status Check
10-62: Attepmting a P.I.T.
10-66: Suspicious person
10-76 En Route
10-80 Persuit In Progress
10-85:Checking area
10-97 At Scene
10-98:Finish With Last Detail, All Units Available
10-99:Suspect Presant
10-100:Civil Disturbance, Stadby
10-101:Civil Disturbance, Backup
11-6:Illegal Discharge Of Firearms
11-8:Person Down
11-10:Take Report
11-80:Accidant, Minor
11-81 Accidant, major
11-82 Accidant, Property Damage Only
11-83 Accidant, No Details
11-98:Meet At Location

Code 1: Acknowledge This Call
Code 2: Procced Immediatley With Lights/Without Siren
Code 3:Procced Immedialty With Lights And Siren
Code 4:No Further assistance required
Code 6: Out Of Vehicle For Investigation
Code 7:Out Of Servive To Eat
Code 8:Restroom Break
Code 9:Summer Uniform
Code 10: TGS Pre-Call Up
Code 11: TGS Call Up
Code 14: Resume Normal Operation
Code 22: Restricted Radio Traffic
Code 100:In Position To Intercept Suspect
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Re: LEO's Codes, Must Read!
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