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Title: Belden Heights Imperial Gangsters
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Name of your family: Belden Heights Imperial Gangsters 2897
Name : Justin Nickson
Age : 25
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Belden Heights is a community in Los Santos. Belden Heights is officially part of the Willowfield district, an area of Los Santos that has gone through drastic economic changes that some suspect reason of the increased rate of criminal activity such as, narcotic trafficking, firearm smuggling, theft, and gang activity. The Belden Heights Park is a main hangout for local drug fiends and drug dealers.
Belden Heights is called "the Jungle" by locals because of the tropical trees and foliage, such as palms, banana trees and begonias, that once thrived among the area's tropical-style post war apartment buildings. The name of the area used to be Central Avenue but The Los Santos City Council changed the name 16 years ago, after residents complained that it reinforced the neighborhood's image as a wild and menacing place. They renamed it Belden Heights, hoping to reflect the affluent and peaceful side of the neighborhood, one of the most affluent African American neighborhoods in Los Santos

The area is now infested with drug dealers, drug fiends, gang members, and low income families.




-  August 13th, 2012

The Imperial Gangsters grew in numbers in a short amount of time, with the new members and the turf gained from brutal wars, Imperial Elders began to realize that keeping crews in areas that were not making a substantial amount of money could be moved to other areas to increase membership and revenue. Imperial Emperor Stylez was sent off to go down to a group of Imperial Gangsters that recently was awarded from keeping Imperial Emperor -Del alive after a set up implemented by a "thot" that was suppose to have oral sex with Stylez. Stylez stepped out of his SUV and approached Jaylon Valentino, him and Stylez talked for thirty minutes before it was concluded that Jaylon and his Crew be sent to Los Santos San Andreas to attend to Imperial Business.

- January 29th, 2013

The Los Flores crew was founded by several African American youths originally from the grimey neighborhoods of Chicago. These youths met while incarcerated, going to school together, or growing up in the area. Most of the youth that came from the Illinois State Training School for Boys in St. Charles (also known as the St. Charles Juvenile Correctional Facility) was sent to Los Santos to build a base in a new city, they were CO-led by founding member Miguel "Spooky" Valentino who kept the new members in line that were coming in and out of the Facility. They quickly began to recruit other youths from their neighborhood and began engaging in conflicts with other "Sets" from various Los Santos neighborhoods like the "Kilo Block Families" By January 13th 2013, they had grown significantly and law enforcement named them as a primary target for their various illegal activities, including robbery, theft, assaults, battery, intimidation, and extortion. They were noted for their violent behavior but even with the Chicago Styled "Shoot'em Up" mentality, the war with the Kilo began to set ties with Jaylon's subconscious. Kilo Block was already set up prior to their coming and since Kilo Block knew the area more then Jaylon's crew, the war began to turn to a more "Gorilla War-fare" type of battle. The war was causing to much attention and Jaylon knew they were losing to much money, he knew the best thing to do would be to move out of the area.


- February ??, 2013

The move was final, the business began, and problems followed. La-Dre "Drilla-Dre" was promoted, giving him the job of financial advisory, receiving his sixth stud and one gold stud to symbolize his new job with in the gang. Drilla Dre aka Drilla began to push small packages to different members in the faction, the people who stepped to their job gained a bigger package. Time went on with this process before it was changed due to a meeting that the higher ranking officials calling, the time came where two members of the Imperial Gangsters gain rank and position. It was decided that "Lazie Gee" and "Remmy" would be the two individuals to own and operate their own section of Belden Heights, naming their crews "Coke Boys" and "Guerilla Mob". Drilla would receive shipments from different sources to keep his self out of Federal sight, he would then drop off a package to the crew leaders, he then would make his way to the "Trap Houses" and re-up the small time dealers as-well.

- March ??, 2013

As the Imperial Gangsters began to gain quickly narcotic distribution notoriety in the Belden Heights area, other distribution groups began to dislike the savage style of the members. A group which sold drugs through the Wilcox Organization showed no respect towards the members of the Imperial Gangsters, the group from the Wilcox Organization which formed out of the Ronald Reagan Housing Apartments started a war by starting a fire-fight with the Imperial Gangsters which ended quickly due to the recent increase in funds which increased fire power, leaving the members of the Ronald Reagan Housing Apartments distribution group in the sewers to rot. As months past and the Imperial Gangsters grew stronger as they fought through a turf war and winning drastically, members began to get promoted and others fell. The loss of Orville "Ville" Barksdale hit the Imperial Gangsters hard, leaving a whole that could not easily be healed. Ville was the third in command, known for his brutal strategies of war. After the dispute with the Wilcox Organization, Jaylon was determined to let everyone know this was no longer to be called Ronald Reagan Housing Projects.

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