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Leo_Crow [Admin Application]
« on: August 02, 2013, 02:45:31 am »
Welcome to Leo Crow Admining Application

First Name: Aziz

Last Name: Alaskar

Age: 16

Gender: Male

Email Address:

Skype Name: Zoro0z

Facebook Name: Aziz Al-askar

Country: Kuwait

GMT Zone: +3GMT

Active Status[Active/Inactive]: Active.

Hours Online In The Day: Depends, but most of the time im on the pc, lol so around 5 hours or more.

How Long You've Been In Our Server: To be honest, i just joined the server then i joined the fourm to check it, and i found that there is one admin slot, so i said lets apply maybe they accept me better than another newbie player to be an admin ( i really know my self on rping and admining i runned a server once but i shutted it off ).

Do You have Experience in Administration: Actually yeah i have i used to run a server my server, but i shutted it off cus there was no many people logging in.

Have you been Administrator In A Server Before: Yes i did, long time ago on my server.

Why Whould You Like To Join Our Admins Team: Well, i know how this thing work, and i dont want this place to be tooken by a un-active or bad admin. And i really would like to help you guys on this server, also i played a lil bit and i really like the script but there was some points on it, and i really will enjoy joining the staff and serving the players befor the server cus admining is all about helping the players and accepting thier reports and stuff, so i will be glad to do that for the server as a loyal admin also i got some ideas coming up for the server in later times, when its developed to a high rank server and i hope you will like them lol.

What Can You Do To Us: i believe i can be helpful and stay active most of the needed time and be able to talk with you guys and discuss the server plans and stuff like that.

Why out of all the application we should choose you: Already said that i have a background of this thing also i want to help and serve the player that plays and need the help from the admin and also serve the server as a loyal admin, plus i really really want to join the staff to help out cus i really like doing that not to get entertained or any thing else funny, just to help out and use my old memories that i used on the old server and share it with you guys, and i hope you will like this ideas, also i would be glad to be a part and be active and help out the new players even the old ones on doing and creating stuff :).

Do You know That Admins need to be Active And Waste their time helping: I do, and ill be glad to do this to be honest.

Do you know That Admins Cant lead a Factions: I do, cus if a admin handile somthing he will make it the best thing using his command, which is a bad thing cus admins can only use thier commands on helping not enjoying and having fun.

Do You know That admins cant rp Execpt when there are no jobs and atleast 1 admin on duty: absolutely, as i said admins are not playing to have fun and enjoy infact they are in to help the players and serve them.

Do you know That Going Off Duty need premission From Owner: Sure thing [ i hate the admins back on my server when they skip this rule ! ]

Can you invite Players to the Server: Sure i got some friends who play GTA SAMP and like RPing, all of them are great at rping ( not noobs that DM most of the time lol )

If Yes How Much Players: 2 to 3 i guess

What you got Experience In: I do in gang moderation, but i still need to practice cus commands change from a script to a script am i right ?

Do you Agree to stay active and help people: I do with a smile on my face

Do You agree to Leave Your Faction Leadership to be an admin: I was on the fourms to post an application for a faction/family but when i saw that you guys need an admin i stopped the faction thing, so yeah i do leave leading factions to be an admin.

Do You have a Teamspeak: No, but i have skype and i can also download teamspeak if needed.

Do You have a Working Micrphone: Sure.

Do You Know all Server Rules: Yes i do.

Do You know How to roleplay: Iam an expert on roleplaying.

Me Leo Crow Agree To Be Active And Help People in the server and never say no and always respect the admins and respond to the Owner

Signed By:
Aziz Al-askar
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Re: Leo_Crow [Admin Application]
« Reply #1 on: August 02, 2013, 03:35:40 am »
Dear Leo

I've spotted some things that would need to be fixed.

Where is says, "Why would you like the join the admin team?", you have only put 68 words. You need to have the minimun that is 120 words.

Where is says, "Why would pick you and not another applicunt?", even if you have put it somewhere eles, you still need to write the minimun of  120 there as well.

Where is says "What can you do to us"?, "i believe main administors.", You need to explane more, as that isn't really an awnser.

Sincelrly Nathan
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Re: Leo_Crow [Admin Application]
« Reply #2 on: August 02, 2013, 03:43:42 am »
thanks for your point nathan i will fix this things up


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Re: Leo_Crow [Admin Application]
« Reply #3 on: August 02, 2013, 05:15:19 am »
Dear Application
Your Application has been AcceptedFor This Reasons:
  • Active Player
  • Good Application with also nice coloring and titles
Your Application will stay here untill you get in teamspeak and get the interview if you dont know Administrations Your Application will be Denied
I Wish You All the luck

Signed By
Server Owner